Blackhole & Brawlers at Fallow Cafe on June 10th

brawlersandblackhole-02 (1)

I’m really excited for this show. Fallow Cafe is a tiny venue that we’ve not had the pleasure of using before and this line-up couldn’t be more perfect for it.

Blackhole are a hardcore punk band that started nearly 10 years ago and only recently have started hitting the touring circuit again. They haven’t headlined a Manchester show in a long while which is just building up the excitement even more.


They’re out on a summer tour with Brawlers from Leeds who we have had the pleasure of hosting a few times over the years. Always bring the party and always bring the infection energy too.


Tickets are £6 in advance and available on the STORE. This is an 80-capacity venue and a third of the tickets have already sold so get moving!

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