Calvinball’s final hurrah…(again)


The first time we had the opportunity to put Calvinball on was for the first ever Manchfester at The Oxford in 2010, they were on tour with Leagues Apart and Cynics (before they became Great) and have had them on numerous line-ups and most of the Manchfester’s over the last 6 years.
In the last two years Calvinball gigs have been hard to come by, notably due to Joe (guitar) moving to Australia and further helped by Conor (drums) moving to Canada. Matt’s in Blackpool and Dave’s in Manchester so might as well be in two different continents still.

The reason everyone is around and able to play this final show is because Dave is getting married the following weekend so they’re all flying back for that. At least I think it’s for the wedding and not just for Manchfester?

Calvinball released “Live Fast, Go To Bed Early” in 2008 and I heard it from the ‘Recommendations’ section of the Punktastic forum when that used to be a thing. I didn’t have PayPal back then and explained this to Matt who I was trying to buy it from, he said it didn’t matter and just sent me the CD anyway – along with a few others from bands around Sheffield at that time like Four Dumb Kids and The Amistad. I thought that was a pretty nice thing to do.
I first saw them at a house show in York on a Sunday night featuring acoustic Apologies, I Have None (when they were a two-piece), Mega Games Two (before they were Young Attenborough) and Sam Russo (before he was…wait) and they were pretty great, acoustic though. Everyone stayed and had a good old party, Sam Russo got A,IHN tattooed on his thigh, Dan from Apologies got a funny face tattooed on his hands and I got the 7am train back to Peterborough to go to Sixth Form as it was a Monday.

Calvinball’s most memorable performance for me came during their set at Fest 8, playing in the side room of The Venue (the main venue at The Fest) and it was absolutely packed to breaking point. Calvinball did the classic move of ‘drink everything ever before playing’ and the set was great chaos. I remember Matt falling backward during the set, knocking into the borrowed bass amp which then broke and Calvinball handing over every dollar of merch money to Wormburner (who still owe them some money back) to pay for a new one. The Calvinball way.
In the past we’ve had their ‘penultimate show’ and then their ‘final tour’ so third time unlucky – this will be the last Calvinball show.
Can’t have a last show without a great line-up so we’ve got friends old and new together to make quite a special line-up including ONSIND, Pudge, Sam Russo and Doctrines. Full event details here and tickets available here. Looking like a sell out!

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