Sam Russo vs. Throwing Stuff


To celebrate Moving North’s 100th show on Saturday we’ve got a couple of band-on-band interviews to whet your appetitives. One will be Kamikaze Girls vs. Hot Mass but before that we’ve got old friends Throwing Stuff and Sam Russo grilling each other…

SR: Sam Russo

TS: Throwing Stuff (KK: Kieran, AM: Alun, JC: Jamie, BS: Ben) Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: Doctrines vs. WACO


Next up in the series of band-on-band interviews in the run up to Manchfester 4 (still sold out, sorry) we’ve got Luke Rees from Doctrines up against Jak Hutchcraft from WACO. This interview is particularly great because Luke and Jak actually grew up together and went to school together before moving to different parts of the country and starting different bands. Continue reading

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Manchfester 4 is a mere 20 days away, it’s waaay sold out and I am really, really excited for what we’ve got planned. As part of our band-on-band interview series in the build up to it, we’ve got the brilliant MOLAR up against Honey Joy going back and forth!

Both these bands are travelling up from London, where they decide to live their lives for some reason, and both will be on relatively early in the day (as there’s 13 bloody bands playing) so make sure you’re in Manchester and at The Star & Garter EARLY on 27th August. Q&A… Continue reading

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Sam Russo’s second full-length has just been released through the great folks at Specialist Subject Records and Red Scare Industries – we’re lucky enough to be hosting one of the three record release shows at the end of the month.

I fired some questions over to Sam about everything from the new record Greyhound Dreams, playing full band, supporting Dan Andriano and much more. Have a read. Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: David Lee Burdon (Former Cell Mates)


I first saw Former Cell Mates when they were on tour with The Gaslight Anthem in 2008, they played the first ever TGA shows in this country in London, Manchester and Nottingham. I went to London and Nottingham, long before I’d moved to Manchester.

After the show, my brother and I waited around to say hi to the guys in TGA as we’d met them a while ago in Berlin. We bumped into a few other dudes hanging around and I was taking a photo of their group and Brian Fallon when this voice told me to jump in the photo and he’d take it, that was the voice of David Lee Burdon from Former Cell Mates. Continue reading

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Interview: Doe


Last year at Carefully Planned Festival, I finished off my weekend watching a delightful three-piece from dahn sarf in the form of Doe.

Doe play guitar driven (there’s two of them and a drummer) indie/punk/pop jams with infectious choruses and singalongs to make you smile, and think.

They were brilliant when we had the pleasure of getting them on a bill for the first time when they played with Prawn / Hindsights and now they’re coming back for Manchfester! I sent over a few questions and they were lovely enough to not ignore me and fire over some answer! Check ’em out… Continue reading

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Interview: Benio Baumgart (Hindsights)


On Friday we have the pleasure of putting on six incredible bands at Gullivers in Manchester. One of these bands is called Hindsights and they’re from Berkshire.

They released their debut album “Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes” on Beach Community records in the first half of this year, and it’s such a solid effort. You can stream the whole thing right here and I encourage you to be word perfect by the time they take the stage on Friday.

I caught up with Benio (guitar/vocals) earlier today while he was in the van and had a talk about touring, bands avoiding writing albums and how to balance life and music together.

Continue reading

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Interview: Henry Cox (Boston Manor)


Boston Manor have had a busy year so far, kicking things off with a long UK tour with Moose Blood and Choir Vandals, while currently gearing up for a number of festival slots this Summer. Things have stepped up a gear in the BxM camp recently and I shot some questions over to Henry (vocals) to catch up with them and see what they’ve got ahead.

Continue reading

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