Firstly, thanks to everyone that started 2017 off brilliantly and came out to Night & Day Cafe on 3rd January to watch Martha, Radiator Hospital, ONSIND, Natterers and Grotbags, what a way to kick off the year.

That was a co-promo with Bad Uncle and we’re teaming up again at the end of January to put on a FREE entry gig on a FRIDAY night. What more could you want?

Throwing Stuff have been relatively quiet in recent years, however 2017 will see the first (and probably only) ever Throwing Stuff album. To warm up for this, they’re playing their first Manchester show since September!

If you ever loved the band The Shitty Limits and wished there was a North Yorkshire based equivalent, then look no further than Clean Shirts. Their EP ‘Marginal‘ came out last year and is 7 tracks of great garage punk rock attitude.

Another cracking EP that came out last year was the Demo release from Leeds-based Natterers. Black Flag tinged hardcore punk that’s distinctively English, Northern and bloody great. If you enjoyed the likes of Cold Ones, Cop Out and Fast Point – you’ll enjoy these.

And because we can’t have a completely one dimensional hardcore punk line-up, we’ve got local lovers Patty Hearst completing the line-up with their indie-punk vibes featuring members of loads of your favourite Manchester bands over the years that aren’t Oasis.

So this great show is happening from 8pm on Friday 27th January at Fuel Café in Withington, Manchester. Entry is FREE so tell your friends and bring them down and let’s have fun. Essentially the more people and more money behind the bar means that the bands get paid more. Let’s do it! Mint flyer design by Millie Cordingley!


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