Interview: Benio Baumgart (Hindsights)


On Friday we have the pleasure of putting on six incredible bands at Gullivers in Manchester. One of these bands is called Hindsights and they’re from Berkshire.

They released their debut album “Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes” on Beach Community records in the first half of this year, and it’s such a solid effort. You can stream the whole thing right here and I encourage you to be word perfect by the time they take the stage on Friday.

I caught up with Benio (guitar/vocals) earlier today while he was in the van and had a talk about touring, bands avoiding writing albums and how to balance life and music together.

You’re currently on the road with Prawn and Brightr and have just finished up a 10 date European run before hitting the UK. How did this tour come about?

It’s something that we have always wanted to happen. We (Hindsights) met Prawn three years ago on their first UK tour, and they quickly became one of our favourite bands. Laurie (Brightr) was out on tour with them last December, then we all got talking online, started throwing out the idea and just went for it. Once the ball was rolling there was no stopping it.


How’ve the shows been for each band? I know you’ve been over to Mainland a little bit before, Brightr’s first time right?

The reaction to all the acts has been perfect. We’ve all released music relatively recently, so I think that the new life that has been breathed into our sets as a result of that and it is really coming across to everyone watching us. Brightr actually played Lucerne, Switzerland a couple of months before this tour hit the city, some huge sing-a-longs were had for the guy!


Your debut album “Cold Walls // Cloudy Eyes” came out on Beach Community Records came out earlier this year, and being honest, it’s some of the best music I’ve heard produced by a UK band in a while. In a landscape where it’s bands releasing EP after EP, was releasing an album something that was important to you?

What a compliment man, thank you! Yeah, I guess there’s become this trend of bands releasing a shit ton of EPs before even thinking of an album. Not quite sure why. Quick and easy to record/listen to maybe? For us it was pretty obvious that we needed to release a full-length, we wanted a chance to ‘flex our muscles’ as some would say, and write a diverse record. Which is something I believe we achieved.


The subject matter continues where you left off with “The Thoughts That Weigh Me Down”, it’s clear that Hindsights is an output for this sort of material. The honesty shown in the lyrics I think is something that really resonates with people, did you expect this?

If I’m honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, it’s a form of therapy for myself and always will be, but if it resonates with even a few people then it’s awesome that they can find some sort of comfort in the lyrical content of the two records, and an honour if it hits home further and inspires them to feel better.


When is an Apologies, I Have None / Hindsights UK Tour going to happen? Everyone needs that.

Well, @ Apologies when this interview goes out and I suppose we’ll find out?!


You’ve stepped up your touring cycle considerably this year off the back of the new album, how is that affecting things back home. The job / band balance is always a hard one to keep right, are you guys managing it?

We’re all somehow managing and have very understanding bosses, or have come to some pretty cool arrangements with various temporary jobs. It’s always going to be hard though, understandably there’s only so much time you can take off before people start getting a bit pissed with you, however much they back what we’re doing with the band. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re just really grateful to anyone we put pressure on back home by being away so much for putting up with us, that goes for our personal relationships too.


Have you got any tour plans in the pipeline for the second half of the year? I know the Blitz Kids tour fell apart, any replacements?

Yeah, absolutely gutted as Creeper were on the tour too. Would have been a blast. We’ll probably be announcing a couple of shows in some pretty huge capacity venues towards the latter half of the year, so daunting, but keep a look out for that! As for full fledged touring, nothing concrete, but plans could change very quickly.


You’ve done your fair share on the road, with breakdowns and hire cars, can you let us know a couple of the lowest points as a band? And just to balance it out, some of the best moment of Hindsights?

Oh man, where to start? The worst time was out in Europe a couple of years ago, we broke down, and because of insurance screw ups we couldn’t afford/have a replacement van to finish up the tour so in the end we had to cancel something like a weeks worth of shows and got stranded in a very small town in southern Germany before getting flown back home, leaving our gear locked in a broken van only to get it back a month later. The best moment was a very similar situation which luckily happened on a day off headed to Vienna, we had a replacement van sorted for the next morning and we got put up in a lovely hotel for the night, we ended up drinking some incredible German beer in the downstairs bar and then appreciating our first hot showers for at least three days, more than anyone could know!

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Hindsights join Prawn, Doe, Doctrines, Brightr and Happy Accidents at Gullivers on Friday 10th July. Advance tickets available here:

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