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Last year at Carefully Planned Festival, I finished off my weekend watching a delightful three-piece from dahn sarf in the form of Doe.

Doe play guitar driven (there’s two of them and a drummer) indie/punk/pop jams with infectious choruses and singalongs to make you smile, and think.

They were brilliant when we had the pleasure of getting them on a bill for the first time when they played with Prawn / Hindsights and now they’re coming back for Manchfester! I sent over a few questions and they were lovely enough to not ignore me and fire over some answer! Check ’em out…

You released a new single through Soundcloud and Dog Knights Productions for the song “No Wonder”. Is this song going to be on a new album through Dog Knights?

No Wonder is taken from a four-way split we’re doing on Dog Knights and Alcopop, which came about due to our very good pals Playlounge. The other two bands are Johnny Foreigner and Doctrines, each band has two songs so we have another new one on there called This Isn’t Home. Hopefully people like that one cos it’s quite good I reckon.

In mid-October you’re hitting the road with Dogs On Acid across the UK, that’s a pretty rad tour line-up! How did it come about (and any clues as to the secret show on the last day)?

Andrew from Specialist Subject is basically the best human and mentioned they were coming over and potentially looking for support, so he suggested us and it all worked out. We were literally talking about how good they are just the day before so it was a bit nuts. They seem like super nice dudes as well so I think it’ll be a lot of fun piling in a van and playing rock performances across the UK every night. I hope they don’t like football.

I know this is out of date...

I know this is out of date…

Matt left the band at the end of August, any word on who’s stepped in to fill those boots?
Our old guitarist Alex has been playing the last few shows with us so it’s been nice to hang out with him again. By Manchfester we’ll have a new face but we’re taking things easy for the time being, hopefully someone will like us enough to stick around for a bit.

You played a fundraiser for the DIY Space For London project last month, is this something Doe have been involved in previously?

We’ve not been involved directly but have tried to help spread the word and they used one of our songs in a build video which was nice of them. I volunteered to help with some of the build stuff but then realised I actually have no time in life ever so haven’t been able to make it down yet. We can’t wait to see (and hopefully play in) the space, it’s such an amazing thing so hopefully lots of good things happen because of it.

First Four came out on Specialist Subject Records last year, as a collection of all previous EPs and singles etc. I believe the question on everyone’s lips is “Where’s the album?”, “When can I hear the album?” “Do bands even release albums anymore?” – Feel free to answer whichever question you’d like.

Firstly, thank you for not thinking First Four is an album. We’re super keen to do an album and have a bunch of song ideas ready to work on, but we keep saying yes to other things and trying to fit all that in around full time jobs and other commitments has been hard, as we can’t afford to do any of these fun things unless we work our balls off unfortunately. It’s coming though, hopefully we’ll have a bit more time towards the end of this year to plan an attack. Or maybe bands don’t release albums anymore and we can release a limited edition scent instead?

You’re playing Manchfester on 3rd October with a bunch of other UK bands, what two bands around at the moment would you like to go out on the road with, and more importantly why?

We’ve been on tours and weekenders with some absolutely great bands but they’ve had a lot of boys in them by accident, so I’d quite like to go away with a great band with some girls in now. I love every musical project Roxy (Two White Cranes) does so any of them are top of the list, also we saw Charla Fantasma the other day and they’re so so good, they’ve got a glint in their collective eye so I reckon they’d be up for some antics.

Doe are appearing as part of Manchfester 3.5 on Saturday 3rd October at Retro Bar in Manchester alongside Bangers, Above Them, Former Cell Mates, Control, Great Cynics and loads more. Tickets are available here and the Facebook event is here.


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