Interview: Henry Cox (Boston Manor)


Boston Manor have had a busy year so far, kicking things off with a long UK tour with Moose Blood and Choir Vandals, while currently gearing up for a number of festival slots this Summer. Things have stepped up a gear in the BxM camp recently and I shot some questions over to Henry (vocals) to catch up with them and see what they’ve got ahead.

A lot of the songwriting is very introspective touching on subjects like absence and an acceptance of that, whilst also feeling guilty about not being around. Would you say the increase in touring is putting strains on any home relationships and how do you look to manage that?

I mean being away a lot is always tough, & it’s not just being away from girlfriends, not seeing your friends and family sucks too. Plus when you’re away you’re kind of in this bubble outside of reality, so when you come back you can’t really talk to your friends about what’s been going on in the world cause you’ve just been in a tin can for weeks & don’t really know whats been happening.

You’ve managed to carve quite a unique sound in an increasingly generic sounding genre, is this something that’s happened naturally or have you taken steps to deliberately distance yourselves from the typical pop-punk sounds?

Thanks man. I dunno, we just write what comes naturally to us really. I know it sounds clique but we’ve never gone out of our way to put ourselves into that pop punk box, we do like pop punk, but we just write how we write really.

After seeing a few cryptic tweets, photos and notes with merch orders along the lines of “Saudade”, is there anything you can tell us about what this means?

Google it man 😉

What’s the dumbest shit any of you have done on tour?

We didn’t get any breakdown cover & went on a self booked european tour with a piece of shit van.

Who won the award that you were going for in the Kerrang Awards and how did you get revenge?

It was royal blood, & they don’t know it yet but there’s a flaming bag of dog poo on their doorstep with their name on it.

The UK is churning out some great music right now, who are you guys listening to and anyone you’d recommend people should check out?

Creeper are absolutely killing it, they just put out a new single and it shreds. Check out a band called simmer from Cheshire, they’re cool. Also a band called Svalbard from Bristol. & of course the boys in Moose Blood if you haven’t already.

You kicked off the year touring with Moose Blood & Choir Vandals and have just finished up a run with This Wild Life & As It Is, how did those tours come about? Any more in the pipeline for this year? Talk us through the next 6 months plan please…

We were just very lucky & got asked to play them. All lovely bands, both lovely tours. Nothing that we can say for sure really dude, a lot of stuff is up in the air at the moment. We’re playing some festival dates and a short run of shows over the summer. And we’re putting out a new EP in the autumn!


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