Manchfester 4 is a mere 20 days away, it’s waaay sold out and I am really, really excited for what we’ve got planned. As part of our band-on-band interview series in the build up to it, we’ve got the brilliant MOLAR up against Honey Joy going back and forth!

Both these bands are travelling up from London, where they decide to live their lives for some reason, and both will be on relatively early in the day (as there’s 13 bloody bands playing) so make sure you’re in Manchester and at The Star & Garter EARLY on 27th August. Q&A…



MOLAR: Hi pals! We actually played our first show ever with you (Honey Joy) and it was so nice that we got to play our first five shows in a row together. For us that was such an exciting/scary time and we were so happy to have you guys there with us.

Honey Joy: Yes! Playing our first shows together was such a buzz, I think as we were all in the same position it calmed us all down, well before we got on stage anyway. We may have done two EPs in a year but you guys took a more calm approach to recording/releasing music. Was this planned or just how things panned out?

M: It wasn’t really planned, we just recorded what we had and then took it from there. I guess we are all new to things like recording and writing songs so it just kind of happens as it fits (or doesn’t). The demo we recorded with our friend Julian and the songs for the two 7″s were done with legend Phil Booth at JT Soar (we know you know a thing or two about his genius too).

M: So we started doing band stuff around roughly the same time but you have managed to put out 2 EPs within a short period of time while we haven’t done quite that much. How did you pull all of that off?

HJ: Well me and Beal had been writing songs for about 2 years before Honey Joy came to be, so by the time we’d all got together we had loads of ideas floating around to be worked on. It was fun but sometimes we applied too much pressure and rushed through things. Take our song Parasites for example, we rushed it and now we hate it. I guess there’s a lesson to be learnt there.

HJ: So Adri has sadly left Molar shores and headed back to the paradise that is Brazil, how will this affect your band dynamic?

M: Well we are instantly less fun and cool and have worse banter. The parts that Adri writes are often the weirdest and coolest parts of the songs too so we are just gonna have to make more of an effort to channel her ~vibe~ (which everyone should do all the time anyway). We haven’t decided how we will do that yet but we are figuring it out.

M: What is your favourite part about being in the band?

HJ: I was chatting to Giles and Beal about this at the weekend. We spent our teenage years playing in bands together and what we loved most was doing something out of the ordinary, spending weekends/random week days travelling to towns you wouldn’t necessarily go to, meeting new people and just having a laugh. I guess that still stands.

HJ: I will spend £15 on the Molar wedding flexidisk. Do you have spare copies?

M: Anything for you! (yes we do, they cost only £4 and anyone can get one at one of our shows. limited edition tho [cool smiley face]).

M: So Matt and Meg, you have the most adorable dog on the internet. How much does the dog contribute to your band’s success?

HJ: We all owe Vinnie so much. Without him we would be nothing.

M: How does it feel to be in a band with all your closest pals?

HJ: I hate everyone in this band.

HJ: Who’s your favourite honey joy member?

M: Maybe the dog? He seems like a legend? You’re all pretty good though.

HJ: Who are you excited to see at Manchfester?

M: Well number one really is Honey Joy cos we haven’t seen you play for ages and you’re great. Other than that Calvinball! (can’t wait for that Dawson’s creek song) Onsind & Personal Best are obvs are also always v v fun and inspiring to see. What about you guys?

HJ: This year’s Manchfester is a blast from the past. I feel like I’m 21, going to university for the first time. Then I remember how much of a terrible time I had, get anxious and wish I’d never agreed to do this awful show for $£$ Kelly. Only joking. Seeing Onsind again will be amazing, and obviously The Molars are a personal favourite of ours. Playing with Calvinball scares me a little bit, last time I played with them it was a very heavy night on the Tennessee Rattlesnake and I’m old and boring now. Nonetheless it’ll be great to hang out and see those songs live one last time. Personal Best are always great, Sam Russo too. I dunno, I’m just happy to be a part of it.

Finally, the most pressing question of them all. Pure Shores or No Scrubs?

M: This is very very hard but we think No Scrubs although Pure Shores is perfecttt t t t t t.

HJ: Well, unfortunately I would agree but as Pure Shores is Beal’s karaoke song, and to prevent him from refusing to sing it again I think we’ll have to choose the latter.

MOLAR and Honey Joy are playing The Star & Garter on Saturday 27th August as part of Manchfester 4. Both bands will be on between 2pm – 3:30pm so please make sure you get down nice and early to support them, as they’re bloody lovely.

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