Joyce Manor & Martha

In a convincing attempt to win the ‘TOUR OF THE YEAR‘ award, Joyce Manor are coming back to the U.K. in July and our favourites in Martha are joining them for the ride.


All the way from California, Joyce Manor have been releasing heartfelt pop-punk bangers for years on records such as ‘Never Hungover Again’ and their self-titled debut LP. They’ve played Manchester sparsely since their formation but are coming back and hitting the stage of Rebellion in July for us!

Martha photo by Meg Lavender

Which leads us lovingly onto our favourite indie-poppers from Durham, ONSIND – wait I mean Martha! We’ve had the pleasure of putting this brilliant band on a few times over the last year, most recently in January with Radiator Hospital where we had Night & Day Cafe sold out way in advance, that’s a lot of people! Still riding the talented coattails of their second album ‘Blisters in the Pit of My Heart’, Martha are going on a U.K. tour with Joyce Manor and we couldn’t be happier to accomodate them once more.

This is co-promotion with our friends at Bad Uncle and the first gig we’ll be doing at Rebellion Rock Bar located down the bottom of Whitworth Street right next to Deansgate train station. Tickets are on sale Monday 17th April through Moving North, DICE and SeeTickets. They’re £10 which is a bloody bargain and if past Martha shows are anything to go by, they’ll be flying out!


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