June…done and dusted!


Moving North shows for June are all done and dusted, in the space of one weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out for the Blackhole and Brawlers show on Friday night, was nice to see Hopes back in the swing of things too. It was also the first time we’ve had the pleasure of using Fallow Cafe as a venue and it was bloody great.

Sunday night we had Beach Slang back again, this time under the biggest disco ball in town at The Deaf Institute and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that it was a lot of fun. Particularly enjoyed the two Geordie’s getting onstage and helping out with their cover of “Bastards of Young” by The Replacements. Good night all round, thanks for coming.

Two shows coming up in July that Moving North have got their grubby fingers involved in. First off is the return of the bloody pop sensation that is Martha – with a line-up as great as they come featuring Doe, T-Shirt Weather and Grotbags. Tickets are well over halfway sold out for this show so if you’re planning on coming along, don’t wait around too much.

Two Friday’s later, we’ve got The Smith Street Band coming through Manchester on tour with Apologies, I Have None and Woahnows. This show is now SOLD OUT, so unless you’ve already bought a ticket, unfortunately you won’t be getting sweaty in the basement of Soup Kitchen with us.

Then we’ve got a few weeks of downtime before the quite frankly ridiculous line-up that M4NCHFESTER brings. I didn’t think we’d be seeing Calvinball, ONSIND and Pudge on a line-up together in 2016, alas it’s happening. And if you want a ticket, go here, quickly.

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