M4NCHFESTER – Saturday 27th August


It’s that time of year, Manchfester is coming around with a line-up of old and new and a bit of inbetween to fill your ears with some brilliant music for a whole day.

It’s the first and quite likely last one that will ever be at The Star & Garter too before that’s closed down so extra emotional on that front. Bands, you ask?

Ridiculously excited to be able announce that Calvinball – in their original form – will be playing this year as the stars have aligned and all members will be in the same country for the first time in years due to Dave Wolinski’s wedding the weekend after!

Calvinball have always been one of my favourite bands from the UK since they released ‘Live Fast, Go To Bed Early’ in 2008 and followed it up with two more solid EPs and a bloody good album. This (apparently) will be the final, final, final Calvinball show ever. Ever. Apparently.


A band that I got to be introduced to around that time were an acoustic pop-edged duo called ONSIND. Hailing from Pity Me, Durham and writing some of the most socially and politically aware jams I’ve ever heard, delivered in the best way. They don’t play a whole lot any more, I’m guessing we can blame Martha for that, but they’re coming to Manchester for Manchfester and I couldn’t be happier.

I’d love to write about all the other bands right now but I’m late for football so will do a few more posts. But the details you need to know are that these two and 10 others are playing Manchfester 4 – M4NCHFESTER if you will – on Saturday 27th August at The Star & Garter in Manchester. Tickets are £10 and available HERE. Facebook event HERE.



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