Moving North 100th Gig


The first Moving North gig happened on 21st March 2010 at Kro Bar – fast forward seven years and we’re quickly approaching #100!

Apologies, I Have None are a band that got me into this little punk rock bubble, meeting them outside The Gaslight Anthem’s first ever UK show at ULU in London where Dan gave me a copy of their first EP ‘Done‘, which was probably the 5th or 6th copy I would own. Since then they’ve gone from a two-piece to a full band and they released their first album ‘London‘ which – i think it’s fair to say – is close to legendary status for a UK band to release songs like that. Then undergoing another line-up change when Dan left and releasing ‘Black Everything‘ which I bloody loved and most recently ‘Pharmacie‘ which is an incredible work of music – so far above tonnes of other bands making records at the moment. Apologies, I Have None have always been¬†head and shoulders lyrically above most others, I think Josh is my favourite songwriter around.

They’ve not played Manchester since supporting The Front Bottoms in December, and not headlined since September so to have them back is long overdue, and to have them headlining the 100th Moving North gig is pretty awesome on a personal level, and even better on a broader level because they’re fucking great and you all get to watch them too.

They’re playing Gullivers on Saturday 10th June as part of Manchfester 4.5 which is also Moving North’s 100th Gig! Also on the line-up are Sam Russo (FULL BAND), Hot Mass, Kamikaze Girls, Broadbay, Throwing Stuff, Happy Accidents, Pale Kids, Crystal Piss and Aerial Salad. More info on all these siiiiick bands on the way shortly. Get your tickets.

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