MPF – Sold Out. But what about 6th May?

In pretty incredible circumstances, Manchester Punk Festival 2016 is SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone who picked up a ticket, it’s due to be a pretty special few days.

MPF has been taking over lots of Moving North business in recent months but I just wanted to take a bit of time to update folks on the ridiculous run of shows we have for May, June and July. We have bands from across the world, bands from Leeds, four bands on tour together and a band that we’ve never had the pleasure of putting on before but are incredibly excited to have.

First up we have an amazing Specialist Subject Records tour featuring four of the best bands in the country at the moment:

Caves – It’s been a long, long time since this trio played Manchester with their catchy and energetic punk rocking attitudes.

Shit Present – Released my favourite EP of 2015 (it’s self titled) and we’ve been lucky enough to have a few of the early formations of Shit Present on shows before – this will be the first time with the full and final line-up in Manchester!


Doe – Two guitars, one drummer – bloody incredible.

Personal Best – Last seen supporting on the Martha / Radiator Hospital line-up we put on with Bad Uncle, very excited to get these folks back in town again.

Crumbs – Great new garage/indie punk band from Leeds just to top this lovely line-up off

This gig is happening at Retro Bar on Friday 6th May – this line-up, this venue – on a Friday night!? £6 on the door and be there at 7pm, this is going to be a busy one!

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