Oi, listen up, I’m talking to EU.


There’s no .jpg that I can share, no link to an independent study, no hastily made meme with a statement that could be true or false. Every time I vote in an election, it matters a lot but I know that chance will come around again. I think that’s why the EU Referendum vote terrifies me more than anything else going on at the moment, this won’t happen again.

The EU is far, far from perfect – but I can’t imagine anything worse than removing ourselves from the European Union to fall into the hands of not only a Tory government, but a Tory government in power alongside a rise in creeping fascism, anti-immigrant rhetoric and the slow erosion of workers’ rights.

There’s plenty of people around who are all too quick to forget that they themselves are IMMIGRANTS. I’m a Grandson of three of four Irish Grandparents, they moved to London for a better life and got some shit when they arrived, but they stayed, contributed and made the country a much better place. Why are immigrants from across the Channel any different? Plenty of people all too quick to scramble up the ladder, then kick it away when someone else is trying to follow the same path they did, or their parents did, or their grandparents did.


No matter the faults of the EU – don’t be naive enough to think that there aren’t any – there are plenty of benefits not least overseeing the longest peacetime period in European history since the Romans(!), countless funding projects (the EU contributed countless times more than the UK Government to re-build Manchester after the IRA bombing in 1996), including the little benefits of cheaper flights, easier travel (this works both ways) and roaming charges. I believe we need to remain a part of the EU, continue to contribute and make the continent, and world a better place from within the union.

WE are not going to be “taking the country back” if it’s a Leave vote, THEY will be taking control of a country that you were fortunate enough to born in, rather than one torn apart by war, disease, corruption, and they’ll be doing exactly what THEY want.


Voting has always been a very personal thing, people often don’t want to talk about it or who they’re voting for, but I feel this time round it’s too important to quietly put a cross in a box on a ballot and people need to be vocal about their choices, use whatever influence or platform you have. It might not be your place, but if you feel strongly about this you should be making it your place for the next couple of days. All well and good remaining silent, but someone in a different camp might not be, we’ve got to equal the share of voice.

Particularly important in this situation as those who are undecided are looking for reasons to be swayed in a particular direction. If you’re not too sure – then voting Remain would and should be a default.


This is the most important vote that you will likely ever have in your life. I’m voting to Remain part of the EU.

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