Our last ever gig…of 2017

Another December has come around, another year finished off and we’ve got one final gig to see the year out.

The year started with a sold out show for Radiator Hospital and Martha in January, then a busy February period followed by getting my knee broken playing football that interrupted things somewhat. In April we were had Manchester Punk Festival, and then a flurry of incredible line-ups in the following months.

Three shows in 5 days in November has brought up to MN#110 and we’ve got a great mix of old and new on the line-up at a great venue.

Apologies, I Have None are taking out Kamikaze Girls on a run around the UK to finish off the year, two of the best bands in the country. One that have been going forever in various line-ups with a back catalogue of incredible songs, one that’s a little more recent that are a pleasure to watch!

Continuing the old and new theme, we’ve got The Sour Taste on a line-up for the first time. They emailed me and it said FFO: The Menzingers, The Flatliners so they had me sussed. They’re up from Salisbury, make sure you check them out. And with the old (no offence chaps) we’ve got the pop-punk stalwarts of Don Blake, if you’re into The Copyrights/The Ergs then you’ll have a great time with these lot.

Last thing to shout about is the venue! We’re happy to be returning to Partisan after a sold out show with ONSIND last weekend. Partisan is a new DIY space in Manchester that’s got so much potential to give this city what it needs, a decent size venue, not ran by idiots, not being sold an turned into luxury flats. Please come to the gig, please spend your money at the bar, also please google how to find the venue too…

So that’s it. Another year down, we’ve done over 100 gigs now, thanks if you’ve come to any of them! See you on Wednesday 13th December at Partisan.


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