Joyce Manor & Martha

In a convincing attempt to win the ‘TOUR OF THE YEAR‘ award, Joyce Manor are coming back to the U.K. in July and our favourites in Martha are joining them for the ride. Continue reading

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MN#01 – MN#99

Yesterday marked 7 years since the first ever Moving North gig. It was at Kro Bar in Manchester, which I think still exists, and featured 5 bands that definitely don’t exist anymore.

We’re quickly approaching MN#100 and putting on four gigs in May is speeding things up, so I thought it was time for a quick update on all gigs in the pipeline!

MN#96 (Mon 8 May)
The inspirational Slingshot Dakota are touring the UK in May for the first time in years, bringing along Philadelphia-based Petal who was last seen supporting Beach Slang. Indie dance-punks Crumbs are coming over from Leeds to party and Smother from down the road will be opening things up.

Oh, then we added the legendary Caves because WHY NOT? Get yer tickets:

MN#97 (Fri 12 May)
Brighton’s finest three-piece Gnarwolves are back with a new album ‘Outsiders’ and a tour to support that. They’ll be playing Sound Control and supports will be announced real soon. Get yer tickets:

MN#98 (Wed 17 May)
We’re teaming up with Anarchistic Undertones again, after some brilliant co-pro gigs last year, to bring Canada’s incredible power-chord driven duo Mobina Galore to Manchester. They were last seen in the country as main support to Against Me! and if you’ve not heard them yet, PLEASE listen because they’re incredible. Support comes from Leeds/London based Jesus & His Judgemental Father, Holiday and Hoof. Get yer tickets:

MN#99 (Fri 19 May)
Welcoming back DIY punk rock legend Jeff Rosenstock with his band, right off the back of their incredible new album ‘Worry’. Last time they played in a packed out Gullivers and it was fantastic. They’re bringing along Doe for the whole tour! Get yer tickets:

MN#100 is under wraps but soon to be leaked out, it’s on Saturday 10th June at Gullivers and will be most fun.

Other dates for your diaries include:
Sat 1 July – The Smith Street Band, The Bennies, Shit Present @ Sound Control
Sat 8 July – THE BEST CO-HEADLINE EVER @ Rebellion


All our gig tickets are now on sale through the Dice app which is real cool and means your phone is your ticket and you don’t pay any booking fee. If you prefer the best method for Moving North, grab your tickets from the store here:

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Thanks to everyone who came out to Fuel Cafe on Friday night for the Throwing Stuff show, it was a lot of fun. We’ve not done a free/donations show in a long, long while and this was brilliant. Thanks to everyone who donated so we could give the bands some petrol money too! Continue reading

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Firstly, thanks to everyone that started 2017 off brilliantly and came out to Night & Day Cafe on 3rd January to watch Martha, Radiator Hospital, ONSIND, Natterers and Grotbags, what a way to kick off the year.

That was a co-promo with Bad Uncle and we’re teaming up again at the end of January to put on a FREE entry gig on a FRIDAY night. What more could you want? Continue reading

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2016 has been a weird one, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re all getting older that everyone’s dying and we’re seeing the world fall apart, or whether it’s the beginning of the end all together, but one thing I do know is that there’s been some outstanding music produced in a year where putting on your headphones and zoning out for a bit has become all the more necessary. Continue reading

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Happy 15th Birthday to Astpai!


There’s not many bands around at the moment that have been on the grind for as long as Austria’s finest export – Astpai.
Every time I have the pleasure of catching them live whether it be on festival line-ups blowing peoples minds, or supporting on bigger tours and stealing the spotlight, it’s such a pleasure. They play with an honest intensity, and deliver everything with a sincerity that’s not found often. Continue reading

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Here’s an update!


Oh, hey there. It’s a been a little while since I’ve had 5 minutes to update this but let me give you a quick overview of all the reasons.

The reasons include things like Paint It Black playing their first UK show in 7 years, Donovan Wolfington playing their first Manchester show ever and a celebration with Astpai! Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: Doctrines vs. WACO


Next up in the series of band-on-band interviews in the run up to Manchfester 4 (still sold out, sorry) we’ve got Luke Rees from Doctrines up against Jak Hutchcraft from WACO. This interview is particularly great because Luke and Jak actually grew up together and went to school together before moving to different parts of the country and starting different bands. Continue reading

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Manchfester 4 is a mere 20 days away, it’s waaay sold out and I am really, really excited for what we’ve got planned. As part of our band-on-band interview series in the build up to it, we’ve got the brilliant MOLAR up against Honey Joy going back and forth!

Both these bands are travelling up from London, where they decide to live their lives for some reason, and both will be on relatively early in the day (as there’s 13 bloody bands playing) so make sure you’re in Manchester and at The Star & Garter EARLY on 27th August. Q&A… Continue reading

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