Interview: Doe


Last year at Carefully Planned Festival, I finished off my weekend watching a delightful three-piece from dahn sarf in the form of Doe.

Doe play guitar driven (there’s two of them and a drummer) indie/punk/pop jams with infectious choruses and singalongs to make you smile, and think.

They were brilliant when we had the pleasure of getting them on a bill for the first time when they played with Prawn / Hindsights and now they’re coming back for Manchfester! I sent over a few questions and they were lovely enough to not ignore me and fire over some answer! Check ’em out… Continue reading

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Punk Aid.

The only positive thing coming out of the horrifying scenes that we’re seeing at the moment across the Middle East and Europe is the actions of punks and others taking things upon themselves to deliver help, aid and distribution to those most in need during the worst humanitarian crisis since the second World War.

While our (barely) elected Government is reluctant to help out in any way, a number of grassroots operations have popped up to take matters into their own hands. People can drop off vital supplies such as food, clothes and bedding, or donate financially through a number of fundraising initiatives, these donations will then be transported to Calais to reach those most in need of our help.

I’ve seen a number of these refugee donation points pop up, and I thought it would be a good idea to have them all in one place as a reference to see what’s happening near where you live, what you can do to help and how to do it.

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Hi all, in case you were not aware, the sad news has come about that the Ducie Bridge will be no more from the end of August. The Co-Operative who own the building have sold it to some other company who want to flatten it and turn it into offices, or luxury flats or a fucking Starbucks. Another venue gone, it’s pretty heartbreaking.

Ducie Bridge was going to be a great venue for Manchfester after asserting itself as the new home of DIY punk rock shows in Manchester over the last few months. This does mean that we’re now looking for a new venue, but rest assured that IT WILL 100% BE GOING AHEAD. Stay tuned and grab your tickets if you haven’t yet from here.


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Cornish punk rockers Bangers have just put out their third full-length album “Bird”, with some brilliant artwork to boot. The album is 10 tracks of darker, heavier Bangers bangers with early standout tracks along the lines of “Mannequin” and “I Don’t Feel Like I’ll Ever Be Clean Again”.

“Mannequin” is a personal favourite due to the brilliant story told throughout where the character in the song is replaced in his life by a “souless, faceless mannequin” and copes with everything just fine. You can stream the album in full below through their bandcamp and buy the record from Specialist Subject Records.

Bangers will be playing Manchfester on Saturday 3rd October and you can get your tickets for that right here:

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Moving North Preview JPG (1)

I thought it was about time to get some new Moving North shirts done up, after the “I know what happened, I was there” ones that seemed to go down a treat last time.

I reached out to Drew Millward, who I’d seen design some great stuff for the likes of ONSIND and Out Of Spite Fest, and he hit me back with a bloody great front/back design. Continue reading

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Red City Radio in Manchester!


Let’s go back in time to 2009 and my first ever trip to The Fest in Florida, accompanied by my brother and a few friends. Anyone who’s ever attend The Fest will be aware of its friendly nature and the ease of talking to almost anybody else who’s there.

My brother and I were in the Holiday Inn elevator with a few other people and there was a guy holding a CD and a t-shirt, so naturally I started being nosey and asking him what band was on the merch, he turned it round and said “Red City Radio”. Continue reading

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Interview: Benio Baumgart (Hindsights)


On Friday we have the pleasure of putting on six incredible bands at Gullivers in Manchester. One of these bands is called Hindsights and they’re from Berkshire.

They released their debut album “Cold Walls / Cloudy Eyes” on Beach Community records in the first half of this year, and it’s such a solid effort. You can stream the whole thing right here and I encourage you to be word perfect by the time they take the stage on Friday.

I caught up with Benio (guitar/vocals) earlier today while he was in the van and had a talk about touring, bands avoiding writing albums and how to balance life and music together.

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Today we’ve announced that we’re welcoming back one of our favourite bands we’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on, The Smith Street Band.

They’re playing Reading/Leeds Festival at the end of August and we’ve managed to get them to swing by Manchester at the start of the month to play a really special and intimate show at Gullivers (150 cap!).

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