Red City Radio in Manchester!


Let’s go back in time to 2009 and my first ever trip to The Fest in Florida, accompanied by my brother and a few friends. Anyone who’s ever attend The Fest will be aware of its friendly nature and the ease of talking to almost anybody else who’s there.

My brother and I were in the Holiday Inn elevator with a few other people and there was a guy holding a CD and a t-shirt, so naturally I started being nosey and asking him what band was on the merch, he turned it round and said “Red City Radio”.

Cue me talking about how their EP “To The Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie” was the best thing that I’d heard in forever and how excited I was to watch them that weekend, also telling everyone else in the lift (including CD/t-shirt guy) to not miss Red City Radio this weekend.

“Red City Radio are playing at Ducie Bridge in Manchester on 15th July w/ Harker, Stay Clean Jolene and Bohica.”

The lift stopped, the door opened on our floor and my brother and cd/t-shirt guy got out, he turned around and awkwardly began explaining that in fact he played bass in Red City Radio and they were staying on the same level of the hotel with us. Cue me being highly embarrassed.

JoJo invited my brother and I into their room to meet the other guys, sink a few beers then I’m pretty sure we ended up in some beer pong tournament and I saw Garrett (guitar/vocals) a further 1,000,000 times that weekend, usually playing “Sink Florida Sink” on an acoustic guitar in a car park at 2am.

Their set later that weekend was in the side room of the main venue and absolutely packed. 30 minutes of bodies flying, beer spilling and microphone grabbing. It was incredible.

I’ve been wanting to get them to Manchester since then and tomorrow will be the first chance I’ve had! I can’t wait.


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