Slaughter Beach, Dog playing their only show outside of London in Manchester, dawg.


Jake Ewald from our Philly phavourites in Modern Baseball has a solo project called Slaughter Beach, Dog and this September it’s coming to the UK for a couple of shows in London and Manchester.

Few bands can say they were born out of necessity, but Slaughter Beach, Dog can. In 2015, Jake Ewald, in the midst of trying to write songs for his other band Modern Baseball (which has since gone on hiatus), hit a patch of writer’s block. To get himself back in action, Ewald decided to move the focus off of himself, stitching together a loose narrative surrounding a motley cast of characters. Before he knew it, he’d written an entire album, and Slaughter Beach, Dog was no longer an exercise, it was a full-fledged band.

We’re stoked to be able to host them in a brand new venue for us at Partisan. Partisan is a venue that’s been long, long overdue in Manchester. A DIY space ran by likeminded folks, keep an eye on them.

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