Thanks to everyone who came out to Fuel Cafe on Friday night for the Throwing Stuff show, it was a lot of fun. We’ve not done a free/donations show in a long, long while and this was brilliant. Thanks to everyone who donated so we could give the bands some petrol money too!


Hold My Pint managed to take some great photos of the night and you can see the whole set here. That was Throwing Stuff‘s first gig in over 6 months, they’ll be announcing some interesting news at the end of February so make sure you stay up to date.

Clean Shirts and Natterers were both incredible, hardcore punk is alive and well in the North and it’s just getting better it seems. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of both of these bands in the near future. Massive thanks to Patty Hearst for providing a bunch of gear and playing an ace set as part of their little Manchester weekender which saw them play Deaf Institute the next day too, their EP is ace and you should check it out here.

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