Upcoming punk gigs in Manchester…


Thanks to everyone who came out to the Modern Baseball and Simmer shows at the end of February, two great shows at both ends of the scale! Modern Baseball was the biggest Moving North show ever, and the Simmer show at Retro Bar two days later had a bunch of brilliantly promising young bands from the North West.

Modern Baseball at Gorilla was such a fun show, half a thousand people losing their minds over this bloody great band we’ve had the pleasure of putting on shows for in Manchester since they first came through supporting Real Friends in 2014. Here’s a video of them playing “Your Graduation” to loads of people.

This gig was also my introduction to Sorority Noise, also from Philadelphia and on tour with Modern Baseball and they blew me away. This band are bloody incredible and if you’ve not checked them out yet, what are you waiting for?

Simmer are a band from Cheshire and they’re bloody good. They’ve just released their debut album called Paper Prisms and they went on tour with Water Canvas and another promising young band from round these parts called Leatherneck, who sound a bit like if The Smiths and Title Fight beat up Moose Blood, it’s a stretch I know.

Upcoming gigs…

We’ve got the legendary Jeff Rosenstock at the end of March on tour with Great Cynics which I’m very excited about, we put on Bomb The Music Industry! once before but I was off on tour so missed the show, this should be a fun Wednesday night. Tickets are £6 and the gig is half way sold out already!

Then we’ve got the unstoppable force of Manchester Punk Festival 2016 featuring some of our favourite bands like The Flatliners, Gnarwolves, Apologies I Have None, Zatopeks, Woahnows, The Cut-Ups…I really could go on but I’ll just post a flyer and ticket link instead:



…and if that wasn’t enough there’s three more killer shows coming up too:

Caves, Shit Present, Doe, Personal Best & Crumbs @ Retro Bar, Manchester – £6 OTD
The Bennies, Throwing Stuff, Autopsy Boys, Holiday, Don Blake @ Gullivers, Manchester – £6 ADV
The Smith Street Band, Apologies I Have None, Woahnows @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester – £12 ADV

Keep coming to these shows and we’ll keep putting them on, such an honour to be part of the music community in the UK and Manchester in particular. What a bloody good time we have.


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